Hello, I'm Gry and would like to welcome you to the Talabra website ! We are a small family kennel, situated in Langhus, a small town some miles south of Oslo in Norway. Most part of the year, Erik my dear husband, our dogs and I spend  our time in Mellerud - Sweden. Here in our "little paradise"  we can fully enjoy life together with our lovely dogs.

Since the early 80's I've had always labrador retrievers. These fantastic dogs are a real joy to own ! Labs are always happy and day and night ready to please their owners. This breed will always have a special place in my heart !

A dream of many years came true when I got my first French bulldog in 2010. "Frenchies" became a real passion and I started searching to the perfect standard French bulldog. These I found at Marver's Fortuna, one of the leading kennels in Europe. For the moment I have 2  females of this kennel (Marguerité and Lia Talabra van Marver's Fortuna). They both are out of fantastic bloodlines. Many thanks to Marc & Maria for giving me those wonderful stars !

Lilja has already achieved great exhibition results. In the meantime she is NS DK FIN and Nordic Champion. She has an incredible personality and is the ancestress of my breeding.


Our dogs are full family members and take part in the daily family life. I'm lucky that I have a job (accounting) which makes that I can always be at home with the dogs. This is also perfect when we have puppies.


It's my goal to breed healthy,  well socialized and beautiful French bulldogs. I will not refrain to talk and listen to other breeders who have long experience. But my love and devotion for the breed are endless...and that helps a lot !!

Our little paradise in Mellerud - Sweden

Enjoy your visit to our website !...and if you have any questions about or dogs or upcoming litters feel free to contact us !

Kind Regards...

Photos by

Erik Nordhagen


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27 - 05 - 2022